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7 Tips to Grow your SaaS Business with Email Marketing

Email marketing is a hugely effective way to grow a SaaS business – in 2020, it brought in nearly 7.5 billion U.S. dollars in revenue! 

Experts predict that by 2023, this figure will reach 10 billion. Few marketing channels can compete with email when it comes to ROI since email delivers great results for every dollar you spend.

More than 3,9 million people use email – that’s half of the world’s population! 

Being the primary acquisition channel for 81% of businesses, email provides an opportunity for SaaS companies to boost revenue and growth. Bottom line, if you’re not using email marketing, you’re leaving a lot on the table.

But wouldn’t it be great if you could automate much of the process?

In this article, we’ll show you how to use automated email marketing to grow your SaaS business.

What is email marketing automation?

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Automated email marketing is a practice that involves sending triggered emails to subscriber lists to boost customer engagement and increase revenue. 

The automated marketing software helps develop email campaigns, where a series of marketing emails are sent to subscribers based on their actions.

Automated email marketing helps to convert leads into paying customers.

Here’s how it works. 

Using email marketing automation strategy, you can develop and grow your relationships with new subscribers and existing customers.

You need to combine website analytics with an email marketing platform to gather feedback, understand clients’ interests and deliver personalized content.

With visitor analytics, you target people according to previous sales, behavior, and preferences.

According to recent statistics, automated email marketing can achieve a conversion rate of up to 22%. That’s because automated emails use customer data to create the right messages and drive sales.

Aside from that, automated email marketing software runs quietly in the background, freeing up your time.

Moreover, email marketing automation does not only make life easier, but it also prevents human errors while increasing efficiency.

With marketing automation software, you can develop more efficient and strategic email marketing campaigns. And of course, this will help your business grow and increase the sales funnel. 

Just think, automated welcome messages get 4 times more reads and 5 times more clicks than standard newsletter email blasts. 

By using automated workflows, you can generate 320% more revenue than you would from only using promotional emails.

Why use automation in your email marketing?

Despite being so efficient, only 51% of SaaS companies use email marketing automation. Still, research shows that 63% of companies using automation gain an edge over their competitors. 

80% of companies that use email marketing automation report increased lead generation. 77% claim that automated workflow increased conversion rates.

In spite of this, many companies are unaware of how to use it.

With email marketing automation, you can:

♦ Increase lead generation:

Using email marketing automation, you can nurture relationships with new subscribers at every stage of the customer journey. 

You get more prospects if you schedule your email campaigns. A recent study shows that 81% of existing customers who receive promotional emails are more likely to make additional purchases.

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In addition, lead generation emails get 4-10 times higher response rates than standalone emails.

♦ Cut wasted time and improve productivity:

Further, automating email marketing activities helps companies cut repetitive tasks and improve productivity by up to 20%.

Instead of creating campaigns manually, you can use email automation features to cut down on time.

Keeping your new customers engaged throughout the buyer’s journey will help to drive sales.

♦ Boost the efficiency of your marketing team: 

Eliminate the wasted time your marketing team would otherwise spend manually compiling email lists and scheduling emails. 

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Instead, they could use an email automation tool, and devote their time to researching the leads’ pain points. It is a valuable way of growing and developing customer base.

♦ Improve retention rates:

Statistically, only 3% of ecommerce users are ready to buy immediately. 47% of individuals will make a purchase in the future, while the rest 50% will never buy.

Automated email campaigns help to address 47% of prospects, nurturing them and finally converting into paying customers. 

Email marketing automation gives a chance to schedule email messages gradually motivating them to buy.

This way, automated email campaigns are time-saving ways to support the client during the buying journey, driving loyalty and encouraging repeat purchases.

♦ Make your email marketing strategy scalable: 

You can send targeted email campaigns to millions of interested prospects at once.

Using a customer relationship management platform (CRM) prospects can automatically be integrated into your database. 

You can track customers’ behavior across your marketing funnel and send them promotional emails at each step in the buyer journey.

The efficiency of automated email outreach

Cold email outreach efficiency has increased in the last few years, significantly boosting sales productivity.

Keeping in touch with potential customers and making a positive impression is also possible using the following email formats:

  • Welcome emails: When someone signs up for your site, send them an automated welcome email.

70% of consumers appreciate a welcome e-mail when they subscribe to a specific service.

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  • Abandoned carts: Losing a client at the last minute is common in SaaS business. 

The Baymard Institute reported that the average shopping cart abandonment rate in 2021 reached 69.80%.

Even if a client isn’t ready to buy now, it doesn’t mean he won’t do it later. That’s where email marketing automation comes in handy. 

Four out of ten potential customers open follow-up emails after they abandon their cart. In an email, you can send relevant content promoting your product and helping the customer complete the purchase.

There is an average cart abandonment rate of 77,13%. Getting at least some of these customers back will benefit your business.

  • Promotional emails: Avoid sending a new subscriber notifications with links to the products to advertise them. 

Try automated emails promoting the products instead. They will bring value to your recipients, as statistics shows that 61% of consumers enjoy receiving them.

  • Reply to customer complaints: Email software makes it easy to get back to customers. 

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It’s hard to keep track of your inbox 24/7. Despite this, 14.5% of consumers expect a response within 15 minutes of filing a complaint. 

Marketing automation tool provides quick responses to email complaints, giving your prospects the confidence that your company is taking complaints seriously.

7 practical steps to automate cold email outreach

1.   Consider the pain points of the target audience and develop the campaign based around them. The data shows that personalized emails tailored to specific pain points can generate 4400% in ROI.

2.    Determine lead buckets to identify potential customers who may be interested in your service.

How do you know which market segments to target? Quick tip: Evaluate your best customer segments. The customers who quickly understood your product and its value and bought quickly.

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3.    Use prospecting software with a tool for email outreach built-in. It helps to avoid human errors, save time, and catch leads’ attention.

4.   Identify list building software that could allow you to find leads while reducing costs, improving data, and boosting sales.

5.   Send a personalized cold email outreach campaign tailored to the recipient group’s pain points.

6.   Create a follow-up drip campaign and auto-responders to nurture relationships with valuable content.

7.   Maximize performance and focus on open rates, reply rates, and conversion rates.

Automated cold email outreach campaigns can bring revenue and increase conversions. 

But the success of the campaign will depend not only on the strategies and tools you use, but on how well you execute them. 

The tips above can help you improve the effectiveness of automated email outreach and keep the sales pipeline full of prospects.

Pros and Cons of automated cold email outreach

First, let’s talk about the potential benefits of automated cold email marketing:

Low cost: cheaper than other forms of marketing.

Speed: allows you to reach millions of people within minutes.

Improvement of staff efficiency: Automation allows workers to focus on high-value tasks. 

Effectiveness: helps to convert interested prospects into paying customers. 

Centralizing operations: makes it easier to manage rich media.

Improvement in customer experience: customized campaigns can be optimized to increase response rates and boost revenue.

Automated outreach has these drawbacks:

Risk of over-generalizing messages: Email content should be valuable, personalized and highly relevant to a specific group of prospects. Automated software can distribute ineffective email templates that are not relevant to prospects and end up in spam folders.

Demands comprehensive planning: A lot of work goes into planning your processes and estimating goals before automating operations.

Messaging fatigue: The ease of automated systems can sometimes encourage companies to contact prospects too often, thereby alienating them.

Automated cold email outreach has its pros and cons. Even so, automation can help initiate the conversation and nurture relationships with potential prospects.

Automated cold emails help attract leads, win their interest, and convert them into customers.

Incorporating automation into email marketing

Using automated outbound emails, you can start a direct dialogue with the recipient. The automation tool you select becomes the backbone of your email marketing strategy.  

Make sure that the tool you select has the following characteristics:

Robust real-time analytics: this tells you what’s wrong and what your growth opportunities are. 

Email automation analytics: it shows customizable triggers to deliver targeted messages that are valuable to recipients.

Dynamic list segmentation: this feature helps to reflect the characteristics of each subscriber and develop personalization in emails.

Automated email marketing software can nurture leads throughout their buyer journey, and marketers who use it get 451% more qualified leads.

Sending newsletter blasts to stay top of mind

Email marketing automation lets you stay relevant and send engaging newsletters. As a result, you can target prospects at the right time and personalize your messages.

Also, you can use email automation software to track your clients’ preferences and target their buying habits.

Automation helps you manage your contact list, segment users into groups, and track performance of email marketing campaigns efficiently.

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You can also automate subscriptions to boost revenue and conversions. In this way, SaaS companies are able to keep track of the activities related to subscription sales.  

With automated email subscription software, you will keep new customers interested by sending emails, advertising the product, and letting them try it.

Using subscription management software, you can create the perfect offer for your customers and nurture your leads. 

Consequently, SaaS companies can boost sales by 20% and become more productive.

Email automation strategies

Software is great, but a solid strategy is even better. Automating email marketing efforts makes lead nurturing easier. But when we think of automation, we usually picture activity-triggered emails.

According to Smart Insights, trigger emails produce 71% higher open rates and 102% higher click-through rates than their non-triggered counterparts.

In addition, trigger emails are 497% more effective than batch and blast emails. For that reason, almost 40% of the best-converting websites use automated emails.

Common action-based email automation strategies include:

Auto-responders: Emails that appear automatically when a user performs an action. 

Once a new user signs up for a free trial, he receives an automatic response.

Statistics show that businesses get the most responses from clients in the first five minutes, so prompt follow-up is the best for turning prospects into paying clients.

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Drip campaigns: a series of emails delivered at set intervals over time.

Drip campaigns help with the new user onboarding process and show the key virtues of the product. Once a trial period ends, drip campaigns can help motivate email subscribers to become paying customers.

Dynamic email automation: uses advanced workflows that respond to user actions. 

Dynamic email automation allows you to tailor campaigns to your customers’ unique behavior. 

You can therefore customize every aspect of an email, from the subject line to the body, so it shows your recipients you care about them. 

When crafted with care, dynamic email automation may increase conversion rates by 10%.

Studies prove that dynamic emails can drive 18 times more revenue than broadcast emails, which is a great way to increase sales.

Personalization: Personalized content is the major strength of email marketing, driving 6X higher transactional rates and generating median ROI of 122%.

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Beyond using personalization using new customers’ names only, you can address prospects’ pain points directly, showing them that:

– You understand their challenges;

– You know what they’re likely doing right now to handle the issue;

– You hint at having a solution.  

A Final Word

Using outbound email marketing plus automation can help you manage and nurture your leads and grow your SaaS business. 

Automated emails are an effective marketing tool, since they are timely and relevant to the customer, not to mention time-savers for staff. 

Email marketing automation has a high open rate and click-through rate, boosting the chances of getting the emails seen and opened.

Brightest Minds uses advanced email marketing strategies like the ones mentioned to help SaaS companies grow their outbound lead generation fast. 

If you’d like to speak to us about your lead generation goals or have questions about email marketing automation, streamlining lead generation, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

I hope this article will help you select the right software automation tools, save time, and improve efficiency.

Have you tried using outbound email marketing automation? If not, now might be the best time to start to take your business to the next level!

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