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8 Effective Ways of Lead Generation Using Social Media

8 Effective Ways of Lead Generation Using Social Media

Social media marketing is a surefire way to generate leads for your website. While most people know this, they are unable to wrap their heads around how to actually generate these leads using social media platforms.
The use of social media for business purposes goes beyond gaining followers or likes. It involves analytics, planning, lead nurturing proper social media traffic conversion and value.

1. Create a killer profile

Your profile is as important as your posts as it draws attention to your value and provides your potential audience with more information like name, email, etc. Your profile should also contain CTA buttons and/or direct links to your contact forms.
This works especially for social media platforms like Instagram whose posts cannot contain clickable links.

2. Create relatable content

Just like you, every other business on social media is vying for attention. To beat the completion, you have to remain in your clients’ sights by posting good content tailored to keep you at the head of the game.
Especially for platforms like Instagram and Facebook which involve a high amount of visuals, you need to create pictures and videos that will greatly interest your audience.

3. Use gated content

Gated content is one of the most common social media lead generation techniques. It specifically targets potential clients who have never purchased anything or used any of your services by getting them to act and offering them a freebie on the other side of the gate. This usually means completing an action like signing up for an email list and getting a free ebook or access to an invite-only webinar.
Gated content is a great way to grow your email list and gain potential, convertible clients by offering a very valuable incentive in exchange for a really small price; their name and email address.

4. Use your header image

On platforms like Facebook and Twitter which give users an option to put a header image, you can put a picture that summarizes what you offer as your header image, ensuring to add a short, easy link to your image.

5. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are extremely important on any social media platform as they help put your posts in front of a lot of people which would, in turn, increase your ROI i.e. lead generation. What’s more, platforms like Instagram let their users follow trending hashtags which puts you right in the limelight.

6. Pin a post to the top of your page

When using platforms like Facebook and Twitter, post a link to your contact form or pin it to the top of your page so it’s the first thing a visitor will see.

7. Use a short, simple URL

Use an easy to type and remember URL as it’s easier to get your audience to follow through with a short URL in cases where there are no clickable URL options. If your website URL is long, you can create a short redirect URL that’ll take potential clients to the longer one.

8. Use lead generation ads

Lead generation ads like Facebook ads are an interesting and well-tested tool to increase lead generation for your site. You can use the ‘Increase conversions on your website campaign’ to draw your potential customers’ attention to your contact form.
Instagram ads like the ‘Increase conversions on your website’ campaign are great as they will place you in front of more people who are bound to follow your link. This ad helps you reach your target audience using an Instagram post with a clickable CTA button. They are accessible via Facebook Ads Manager.

You can use Twitter ads (website clicks or conversions campaign or leads on Twitter campaign) to capture leads from both your target audience and Twitter users. Twitter also offers users a free and easy lead generation technique called ‘Twitter Cards’. These cards are a simple extension of your tweets plus media which direct users who click on them to a simple email list signup page.
If you have a LinkedIn company page, LinkedIn ads like ‘Sponsored Updates’ and ‘Text Ads’ campaign are ideal because they’ll help you reach your target audience. You can also create lead generation ads using your power editor.

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