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A Fast Way To Get B2B Sales Leads

Want A Fast Way To Get B2B Sales Leads? Try This Method

If you’ve been trying to find a fast way to get B2B sales leads for your business, here’s a good method for you to consider.

This method has been used by companies across a range of industries from the tech sector, to the finance sector, even to beer production companies, all because of the results it achieves for ambitious companies.

A Fast Way To Get B2B Sales Leads

Why Is It A Fast Way To Get B2B Sales Leads?

Unlike other sources of business leads such as generic advertising, this method is laser-focussed on exactly the types of sales prospects that you want.

For example: Looking for CEOs at 50+ staff companies in the automotive industry that went to the recent Disrupt conference in London?  

No problem.

Looking for current IT recruitment specialists in San Francisco?

No problem.

Looking for SaaS Founders that are currently hiring?

No problem. 

Looking for CFOs at multinational corporations with operations in APAC?

No problem. 

What Is This Fast B2B Marketing Method?

Email marketing outreach, or, cold B2B email. 

Unlike all the other B2B marketing methods, email outreach is designed to be fast and focussed.

PPC campaigns on Google Adwords can be effective but they can also be very expensive and slow to reap the rewards.

Facebook advertising has improved in recent years but Facebook is still primarily a place of leisure and the conversion rates for B2B marketing campaigns reflect this reality.

Trade shows make a lot sense with a lot of your target audience in the room but these events are scattered across the calendar and they don’t run on your timetable.

Content marketing is very powerful but it’s a slow burn that takes time to heat up and bring in those sales leads you need.

Email outreach has a much better and faster return on investment.

What Is B2B Email Outreach?

B2B email outreach involves a five-step process: Fast Way To Get B2B Sales Leads

  1. Identify your target audience. This will include understanding the industry, business type, location, job types, and so on. It will also involve identifying key features and benefits of your product or service and appreciating the key needs and drivers of the people you plan to contact.
  2. Data mining. Use an AI-enabled crawler with predictive analytics and natural-language processing to crawl the internet and show the right companies for your company so you can get busy closing more deals.
  3. Launch email outreach campaigns. Segment your campaigns appropriately by using the information you compiled when you identified you target audience. You can segment your campaigns by  industry, business type, location, job types, messaging, and so on.
  4. Continually monitor and improve your campaigns. Just like a Google Adwords campaign, you can run split-tests to identify the best-performers in terms of targeting and messaging. Every time you fin a new winner, make that one the new benchmark and continue your testing.
  5. Enjoy a steady flow of new B2B sales leads coming into your sales pipeline. You deserve it!

How To Set Up A B2B Email Outreach Campaign

If you want to accelerate your lead generation process and make more sales per quarter by using email outreach, you have three main options:

1. Run it yourself in-house.

2. Hire a freelancer.

3. Use a specialist lead generation service.

Running a lead generation process in-house yourself sounds good in theory until you start to list out just some of what’s required:

  • Document your target audience’s attributes.
  • Identify sources of data (LinkedIn is just the start).
  • Mine the sources for data.
  • Compile the data in a usable form.
  • Find people to match companies that have no listed contact.
  • Find email addresses for all potential leads.
  • Check that all email addresses are correct.
  • Test all email addresses for deliverability.
  • Build out campaigns relevant to your targeting options.
  • Identify key themes and approaches for each target group.
  • Produce email sequences for each campaign.
  • Upload your list of verified email addresses to each campaign.
  • Check for any email blacklist requirements.
  • Adjust the mailing sequence settings on each campaign for maximum conversion.
  • Launch each campaign.
  • Monitor each campaign and make adjustments and add split-tests for various components.
  • Manage replies quickly to converted interested leads.
  • Keep searching for more leads to add to your campaigns.
  • Keep adding and improving your various campaigns.
  • And so on.

You could try to hire a freelancer but here are some of the considerations to take into account:

  • Do you have a full process and produce mapped out for the entire sequence listed above?
  • Where will you find the freelancer?
  • What questions will you ask in the interview?
  • What tests or work samples will you request to verify the quality of their work?
  • How will you monitor their work and know if they are working or sitting on a beach somewhere?
  • Can you be sure that they aren’t hurting your company’s email deliverability by finding and contact bad and faulty email addresses?
  • Will the freelancer draft all the initial email sequences and copy?
  • Will they carefully monitor each campaign every single day and find ways to split-test various elements to improve conversion?
  • Will they be quick to respond to interested leads so that you’re actually converting the leads you find?
  • Can you trust the quality of their work when they are absent and based somewhere else?

A better option is to use a specialist lead generation service. 

A Specialist B2B Lead Generation Service

Take Brightest Minds for example.

In short, we do it all for you. We do it fast and we do it well. You’ll have a fast way to get B2B sales leads.

Your Brightest Minds team (consisting of a Campaign Manager and a Lead Generator) will use the Brightest Minds data platform to search millions of companies across your preferred websites, public & private databases, social media, and other sources to build you a highly targeted leads list.

Your team will then launch a well-planned, personalized email outreach campaign to your lead list and follow-up in a systematic way to maximize conversion.

You’ll then follow-up with the steady stream of buyers interested in your B2B SaaS product.

Here are some of the key benefits when working with a specialist lead generation company:

  • You’ll get more customers and clients. You’ll have a well-structured, scalable system to bring in more leads, close more deals and make more sales every week. You have the freedom to request leads from specific websites, databases, social media or LinkedIn. We can find other sources, too, and filter by company size, industry, location, prospect seniority, groups of interest, and even by website plugins. Our assistants can find almost any contact that is possible to find.
  • Save time on sales and marketing tasks. Your team is probably already stretched and doesn’t have the time and expertise for rapid sales research and outreach. Your new lead generator comes experienced and well equipped with premium subscriptions to automate manual work and provide you with quality prospects at the shortest time. Your lead generator will help you get more done in less time.
  • Perform market research to help you make better decisions. Your lead generator will help you quickly find new prospects and potential new industries. You’ll also learn which service offerings, positioning statements, and messages work best across the different variables such as job, company type, and industry.
  • Reduce headcount. Do you really want to add another costly employee to your team with all the extra effort required such hiring, salary, bonuses, goal setting, disciplinary meetings, sick days, and more? Let Brightest Minds do all the hard work for you. All you need to focus on is converting all those incoming leads into sales.
  • Keep your sales data current. If your team doesn’t have enough time to devote to updating your CRM database consistently and accurately on an ongoing basis, we can help you with manual data updates and/or by introducing automation where possible.
  • Motivate your best salespeople. There’s no better way than to support excellent salesperson than giving them a lead generator whose sole focus finding them hot sales leads to close. It’s a cost-effective way to help your All-Stars get more done, close more deals, and stay focused on what really matters.
  • Reduce your admin burden. Don’t waste your sales & marketing team’s valuable time on routine administrative tasks. We can prepare and distribute monthly sales reports, create RFIs and presentations for sales meetings, track sales expenses, and file paperwork for reimbursement.


You’ve discovered a scalable and fast way to get B2B sales leads.

Now visit Brightest Minds to learn how we can set up a fast B2B lead generation campaign for your business.

Brightest Minds

Brightest Minds

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