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No disruptions + campaign to accelerate
the end of war


After watching the horror of the past
few weeks, our minds are blown
and our hearts are broken! ?

Russian troops invaded Ukraine. Over 2500 innocent civilians
died in Mariupol city alone. They are destroying residential areas including kindergartens,
schools, and hospitals all across Ukraine as you read this statement.

Is our Team okay?

We’re okay as much as it is possible to be okay under the current situation. We’ve established contacts with everyone who is based in Ukraine. Many of our team members have relocated to safer regions/countries, and some volunteered to join “territorial defense’. Those who remain in cities such as Slavutych and Sumy are experiencing electricity disruptions.


Is work being disrupted?

No. Our contingency planning allowed us to immediately allocate additional team members where necessary, and we’re continuing to serve our clients with 150% effort. We’re not stopping on this, as the steps to improve each campaign are also being implemented.


What can we do?

We matched donations internally and donated over $5607 to prevent humanitarian catastrophe, and decided to use all of our spare-capacity and solve the problem at the source.
Since this invasion and bombing need to be funded, hundreds of international companies are exiting the Russian market, refusing to finance violence, murders, and crimes against humanity with their taxes. You can google “companies boycott Russia” and see how widespread this move is.

We’re using all of our resources to accelerate this move by reaching out to as many companies as possible and applying digital diplomacy, sharing the details of this move, and therefore accelerating the end of this war. Thankfully, we’re seeing many companies value ethics, corporate social responsibility and putting people before profits.


Why fundraising?

Innocent civilians are dying every day, as you read this message. We need to scale all of the resources that are possible and not possible to accelerate the end of this war. This can save lives.

If you feel inspired and would like to contribute to our Digital Diplomacy campaign, you can select the quantity from 1 to 99 at the link below.



Thank you for your support.
We Stand With Ukraine ??? ?    

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