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BrightestMinds CEO Named One of the Top 25 Sales Leaders

The award for Top 25 Sales Leaders from the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) celebrates the very best inside sales executives. This year, at the 11th annual award gala, Vlad Goloshuk was recognized as one of the most successful and talented sales leaders. This was due to the excellent feedback he received from a large number of peers, his wide-reaching expertise, and his role as a thought leader within the Inside Sales community.

The AA-ISP is one of the largest and most important associations dedicated to inside sales in the world. It is devoted to advancing inside sales through research, roundtable discussions, and organizational benchmarking, all of which have the aim to improve understanding and enhance inside sales on a global scale.
The Top 25 Sales Leaders is among the AA-ISP’s most prestigious prizes. This is obvious from the caliber of the winners. For instance, this year they included Trey McCall, head of commercial sales at MobileIron. Trey is widely considered to be a genius of sales strategy and of developing teams that perform to high standards. Another notable winner was Alli Gentile, VP of national sales at Pearson, who began her career in fundraising.

About Vlad Goloshuk
Vlad Goloshuk is the CEO and founder of BrightestMinds. His personal approach of chasing sales rather than leads has contributed to his success. Notably, Vlad is the most sought-after expert for data-driven lead generation strategy designs.
A former engineer, Vlad used to configure email gateways for banks and government departments. He only transitioned to sales three years ago, which makes the winning of this award extra impressive. His sales approach is analytical and focused on numbers, which makes it easy for him to demonstrate the value of his work.

About BrightestMinds
BrightestMinds is dedicated to helping clients close deals. The company uses a unique combination of data-driven lead generation and inside sales. This allows it to design effective strategies for customers and close real deals.
Specializing in SaaS, B2B, and enterprise companies, BrightestMinds uses its team of on-demand sales leaders, data analysts, and sales development reps to handle sales prospecting for clients. The team only hands over warm leads, which maximizes closing rates.
Based in Dublin, Ireland, but with additional offices in the U.S. and Ukraine, BrightestMinds has grown to just over 20 employees since its start in late 2017 as a side project. Now, as a full-blown, founder-led company, BrightestMinds is fast to serve its clients in whatever they need. Using a combination of skills, expert knowledge, and innovative tools, as well as a mindset that there is always something new to learn, the company comes up with creative solutions for any challenges its clients face.

How BrightestMinds Compares to Competitors
BrightestMinds does things differently from the competition, which is what allows the company to stand out. Other sales teams automate their processes and value quantity over quality. BrightestMinds has a personalized approach, which makes its outreach more human. You only need to look at its contracts to see that this pays back big time: the company has more than $100,000 in customer lifetime value.
To date, BrightestMinds has contributed to the generation of more than 500,000 custom leads, 1.5 million outbound emails, and 20,000 sales opportunities. This has led to more than $10 million in sales value for customers.

Brightest Minds

Brightest Minds

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