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Friend Media helps medical practices increase their revenue by using customizable TV display screens to educate patients about the practice’s full-range of services while they wait in the reception area. It’s a simple way of upselling services that doesn’t force staff to awkwardly go in for the ‘hard sell’.

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FriendMedia Inc.

Customized in-practice patient engagement designed for Aesthetic Providers.






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The biggest value Brightest Minds provides is that their lead generation process works like a charm. We started getting leads almost instantly.
I am very pleased that I found them.

Nick Magruder - COO, Friend Media
Nick Magruder

COO, Friend Media


Doctors and dentists in busy medical practices are notoriously hard to reach.

They're usually locked away taking back-to-back patient appointments. This means they're not surfing the internet looking at display ads or searching on Google for the latest tech offerings. Nor are they answering cold calls.

To make matters worse, the medical marketing industry is a very crowded space which makes it very difficult for tech companies to reach the decision-makers.

Friend Media had tried email marketing campaigns before to try to get in touch with the medical centers but got very few positive replies.


The team at Friend Media got in touch with Brightest Minds who then quickly dug deep into target market research to determine the right strategies and tactics to employ.

Their focus was on three things: (1) finding the right medical practices to contact, (2) finding the right people at those practices to contact, and (3) determining the right messaging to use.

The team then swiftly planned out a campaign testing structure that would test all of these elements so they best-performing sub-campaigns could be quickly scaled-up.

A well-thought-out email outreach campaign was developed to address the needs and concerns of the target audience in such a way that would encourage them to take action. The campaign didn’t just rely on one email message as, statistically, well-planned sequence of messages have been shown to significantly improve campaign results.

From there, the campaign was constantly monitored with new medical practice leads added daily and tweaks made to improve overall email marketing outreach performance.


4 TIMES’ MORE SALES LEADS By listening to the people with the knowledge and experience at Friend Media, Brightest Minds was able to develop a whole new email outreach campaign that got positive responses from the right doctors and the right types of medical practices.

As a result, Friend Media got 4 times' as many sales leads coming in every month than they ever had in the past. This meant they could have more sales meetings with their ideal customers and close more deals.

The partnership with Brightest Minds has had a significant positive impact on their revenue growth.

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Learn more about Brightest Minds.

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