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Idea Hunt is an innovative online platform that helps companies quickly generate large numbers of new ideas with their employees and customers. This savvy SaaS company has big ambitions to help companies around the world to develop new and better products and services every day.

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Idea Hunt

Idea Hunt is a community of dreamers and doers. They believe that They can make a positive impact through our ideas. They are here to help products and brands that They trust and are passionate about. It is our firm belief that the crowd is more powerful than the lonely genius. They value openness, simplicity and the wisdom of crowds.




Internet Software & Services


Linköping, Sweden

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Typeform, Mandrill, Nginx, Google Apps, Ubuntu, Namecheap Dns, Google Analytics

Outbound email marketing has been highly effective for ldeaHunt, thanks to the expertise and support of our Brightest Minds team.
Brightest Minds has maintained а high standard of careful planning, sales lead research, copywriting, and campaign execution to ensure that we continue to operate with а sales pipeline full of excellent В2В leads.
Knowing, that І саn trust Brightest Minds' professionalism and dedication to quality, while saving crucial time, effort and energy, has been invaluable.

Maggie Franz Director of Community Management - ldea Hunt
Maggie Franz

Director of Community Management - ldea Hunt


To achieve their ambitious growth targets, Idea Hunt need to reach decision makers at the top of large companies operating in other countries and the team had no way way of doing this quickly at scale.

The team was frustrated because they were unable to get word out to key players about their amazing platform fast enough.


The Brightest Minds team relished the challenge of telling people in senior corporate innovation roles about this game-changing platform.

There was in-depth discussion to talk about Idea Hunt; its strengths, its competition, its selling points, and, most important, its audience. The team then got to work researching, analyzing, and putting together a lead generation strategy and campaign.

The focus was on three things: (1) finding the right types of large corporations to contact, (2) finding the right senior leaders at those corporations to contact, and (3) determining the right messaging to use.

The team then swiftly planned out a testing structure that would test all of these elements so they best-performing sub-campaigns could be quickly scaled-up across different geographies.

A well-thought-out email outreach campaign was developed to address the needs and concerns of the target audience in such a way that would encourage these corporate managers to take action. The campaign used a well-planned sequence of messages to ensure excellent campaign results.

From there, the campaign was constantly monitored with new corporate innovation leads added daily by the Lead Generator and tweaks made to improve overall email outreach performance.


Sales Meetings With C Suite Executive In Global Companies By working closely with the innovative team at Idea Hunt to develop a whole new approach to email outreach marketing, Brightest Minds achieved 56.8% reply rates for some of the campaigns. Yes, not open rates, but the actual reply rates from which 60% were interested to know more right now or later with positive responses and sales meetings with C suite executives in global companies that would previously have been impossible to reach.

The email outreach campaign was a great success. Idea Hunt quickly picked up many new sales leads and demo meetings with executives at PWC, Swisspost, British Gas, Columbia, Volkswagen, Deloitte, Philips, and over 30 other well-known companies.

The partnership with Brightest Minds has had a significant positive impact on their revenue growth.

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