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Talivest is a rapidly growing people analytics software-as-a-service (“SaaS”) company, specializing in employee engagement through innovative technology solutions. They optimize an intelligent ecosystem for hi-tech, high-growth companies by gathering insights throughout the employee lifecycle.
Talivest Ltd. Talivest is a people analytics SaaS company, specialising in employee engagement through innovative technology solutions.
Founded Year: 2013
Location: Leinster, Ireland
Industry: HR
Employees: 10+
Sector: Information Technology

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Alexa Global Rank 4,051,094

Sector Alexa Global Rank 4,051,094


We targeted companies with a company size of 500+, with a data-driven approach, and one of the key trigger points we’ve identified was a “high employee turnover” score. We also matched this data with Glassdoor scores. This allowed us to see whether any company had a real problem before proposing a solution.


We got our first results extremely quickly, and the interested replies were coming in within a week. With a highly personalized and targeting approach, we were able to achieve a 96% open rate and a 17% response rate. Learn more about Talivest. Learn more about Brightest Minds.
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