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Case Study: How We Generated 216 Interested Leads for a Logistics SaaS Company

Our client helps companies manage their transportation operations. They are offering freight management and customer support services. Among their customers are the biggest global retailers and manufacturers.

The Challenge

Prior to contacting us, the client made outreach attempts, but it hurt their domain. We were surprised to find 40.9% in spam rates. Outreach was pointless in that case, as even out of 20 emails, half wouldn’t get through. 

Sending emails is a big part of outbound outreach, as most people prefer them for business. That is why it’s so important to keep your domain reputation impeccable and make sure you have the right recipients and the relevant message.

Another challenge we faced was the client’s decision to promote their service to senior positions in Transportation departments across North America. Luckily, we had a solution.

Our Strategy

Our first step was to fix the spam issue. A high spam rate undercuts the outreach efforts.

While sending 1K emails a day will save you time, it will also damage your domain reputation, especially if you use outdated prospect lists.

Fixing deliverability is always the first step we do while working on a client’s leads database.

Technical Preparations

The most important point of success is to have a clean email database, which means you’re putting real and active email addresses on your list.

We always make sure that the right messages reach the right people. Failure will devalue the work of our deliverability team. 

Low open and reply rates come from weak messages and outdated prospect lists. We build our email lists using the ideal target customers of our clients. It’s our secret weapon for a successful campaign.

Every time we create an email database for our clients, we validate the email addresses and make sure they’re written correctly. That’s a little thing, but it helps us get our messages straight to prospects.


Before we started outreach, we involved our team to ensure that our deliverability rate was at least 70%.

Thanks to their efforts, we got 81.9% deliverability rate by the end of the 4th week. Amazingly, but in six weeks we managed to reach 0% spam rate!

The Messaging Strategy

Once our list was built and approved,  it was time to quality content messaging.

We came up with a simple 4-step email sequence for senior-level executives working in the Transportation area. 

Our unique feature is creating campaigns that stand out from the crowd without seeming “salesy” or boring. I’m sure you received tons of such messages.

We approach each sequence individually, use personalization, and learn about our prospects’ pain points so that we can meet their needs. 


As soon as we had the Target Audience research, and Message Scripts, we launched the outreach. Typically, we’ve found that some of these variables need to be adjusted during a campaign.


– Interested 216
– Maybe later 183
– Demos booked 108
– Response rates 13%
– Open rates 41.7%


This example shows why it’s so important to pay attention to the technical side while launching an email campaign. You can generate more leads if you get the technical and content elements right and engage your prospects.

This campaign was a huge success and resulted in over a hundred booked appointments with ideal prospects for our client.

Brightest Minds

Brightest Minds

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