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How To Turn Website Visitors Into Customers

How To Turn Website Visitors Into Customers – Quick Tips From B2B Pros

So you’ve done the hard work and taken the time to find good B2B sales leads and brought them to your website but what now? How to turn website visitors into customers?

We turned to experts in the industry for their advice. We specifically sought out people actively working in businesses like yours right now for quick tips that would help you bring in more customers from your website visitors.

How To Turn Website Visitors Into Customers

Marc Samoisette

Principal @ Elevate Coaching

How To Turn Website Visitors Into Customers - Marc“Prospects don’t really care about what you do or sell. They only care if you can help them with an immediate need that they have. Tip: Formulate in plain language the one big result your service or product delivers in a way that it can be said in 5 seconds or less and a 12-year-old can understand. No buzz-words. No matter if it’s a web page or a face to face conversation the best approach is to start with the one big result. This is your “why”. Then follow through with the reasons this is important for your prospects. This will give them the sense that you understand. Then and only then follow that with the benefits. They can be financial, physical, emotional or maybe even spiritual. This formula works wonders with my clients and helps them close more business. Try it!”

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Elevate Coaching helps companies and individuals reach their selling potential.

Marc tip

Vlad Goloshchuk

CEO @ Brightest Minds

VladAfter going to all the effort to bring people to your site through methods such as Adwords, Facebook, or, in our case, outbound email, it’s important to remember that most people are still in the research phase and are not ready to buy or sign-up just yet (Kissmetrics reports that up to 96% of website visitors are not ready to buy yet). Knowing this, it makes sense to try to at least maintain contact after they’ve gone by asking for their email address. The two best ways to achieve this are (a) suggesting a demo rather than signing-up, and (b) offer informational content that addresses their questions and concerns. Either way, without keeping in touch, you have very little chance of making a sale.

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B2B lead generation through website conversion

Sherman Lee

CEO @ Good Audience

How To Turn Website Visitors Into Customers - Sherman“Most people trying to grow their customers/clients/users do not follow up. That’s where all the money is made. Keep following up. Keep delivering value. Do not be afraid to pick up the phone.”

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Nathan Beckord


How To Convert Website Visitors Into Customers - Nathan“We spent a significant amount of time figuring out how to reduce sign-up friction to better turn website visitors into new users. We decided to remove ALL fields to fill in, such as Name, Company, Location, Type of Business, etc leaving only Email. Thus, now a visitor only needs to enter their email and they’re immediately in the product. We have shifted the other onboarding items such as setting up a password or Company Name to happen later. Making this change has made a dramatic increase in the conversion rate. Simply put: the easier it is to create an account, the more likely users will jump through the hoops to become a user.”

Follow on Twitter: @Foundersuite makes the “ultimate funding stack” for startups raising capital or managing investor relations. Foundersuite includes an Investor CRM for managing your investor funnel, an angel / VC database, and an Investor Update tool for building relationships with investors. Startups using Foundersuite have raised over $250M in seed and VC.


Kasper Skjold

Chief Revenue Officer @

Advice on how to turn website visitors into customers - Kasper“Remember that friction can be both you and your user’s friend. Don’t be afraid to gather some information both during signup and on the first session. It makes it much easier to create the perfect trial experience.

Customer success should be service before sales. There is always a reason to call if the sole purpose is to provide a good service e.g. invite for a webinar.”

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Forecast helps optimize digital project operations and predict where things might go wrong, so you can act before it happens. It’s a next generation project- and workforce automation solution powered by AI.


Erik Huberman

Founder and CEO @ Hawke Media

Erik“The most important thing in growing sales is making word of mouth easy.  We work with companies large and small to distill their positioning and marketing down into one simple sentence to help with this.  To explain further, when you have the opportunity to explain your company, you can do so in an “elevator pitch.”  You can take time, go into details, highlight the value proposition and more.  The issue is, when someone hears your elevator pitch, they are not going to be able to reiterate that to someone else when they find someone it appeals to.  Generally, if they can’t easily explain what you do, they will avoid the subject just through human nature.  Conversely, if you make it really easy for someone to reiterate what you do, they will then be compelled to spread the word, just for the sheer fact it makes them look knowledgeable and connected, let alone the hope that your product or service can actually help the people around them.  My company Hawke Media, is Your Outsourced CMO ™.  Those 3 words have made us become the 110th fastest growing company in the country, and the fastest growing marketing consultancy, period.”

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Marcus Slater

VP of Marketing @ Happy Tax

Convert traffic into customers - Marcus“Make it personal and intentional. Selling your lead or prospect is like trying to date someone who’s playing hard to get. You can’t just ask them the “obvious” question. You have to pursue them where they are (social media, networking platforms, etc), find or create common ground (school, hobby, need, want, likes and dislikes), build a relationship and invest time in them, then close the sale. By doing this you have created a value based relation ship whereas you have given the appearance of emotional and time based value which sets you up for an easy close on the sale pitch. This all can be done via retargeting the visitor from first landing on the site. Using personal contact via social media, retargeting ads, and email nurturing and a smart and purpose driven format.”

Purpose driven marketing focuses on the person, not the sale, but yields the same winning result.

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Marc tip

Gil Eyal


Get customers from website traffic - Gil“Messaging makes all the difference. If you can’t convey your value proposition in 8 seconds or less, you’re likely to lose a majority of your visitors.

What do you do? How are you different? Why is it better? Too many websites try to do too much or to be everything. You need to understand what kind of traffic you’re sending to your website and test different messaging until you know which converts. A/B test until you forget the rest of the alphabet.”

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HYPR provides real-time social analytics for every influencer in the world.

Gil tip

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