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Lead Generation Case Study: 7 Meetings in the First Two Weeks for Digital Consulting and PR Agency

Our client, a Marketing and Social Media PR agency, provides a wide scope of digital services from TV Production and influencer campaigns to branding growth and exposure. They do PR services for different industries such as design, music, fashion, and cosmetics. Among their clients are well-known celebrities, as well as small entrepreneurs from different countries who are looking for better brand visibility and PR.

The Challenge

The client had never done outreach or run emails or LinkedIn campaigns to promote their services. They utilized a social media account with over a million followers instead.

Nonetheless, it’s proven that many people prefer email to social media for business communication.  Strong social media presence is critical during the “Awareness” stage, however, there’s a high probability that many brands will skip your message on Instagram without even reading it.

Our Strategy

Our targeting team reached out to senior-level executives via LinkedIn and email with hyper-personalized messages. We emphasized our client’s celebrity status and PR-branding experience, highlighting the uniqueness of their offer. Choosing the right target audience and focusing on it properly brought great results.

Technical Part

Before you start a marketing campaign, make sure your database of prospects is clean. It’s necessary to verify that recipient email addresses are correct and up to date.

If your message has irrelevant information or your list of prospects contains many inactive or wrong email addresses, you may have trouble ensuring deliverability and open rates. We are successful in part because we take time to build individualized lists for each client.  They are tailored to the client’s target audiences.

When it comes to building prospects lists, there are two things we never do:

– Purchase email databases.
– Send cold emails to contacts we don’t know or are connected to.

Whenever we work with a client, we always take a quality-oriented approach. Each of the leads we include in our outreach list, is pre-qualified, so we can determine whether they are a good fit for the client.

Next, we always make sure our email list is valid. During this campaign launch, we used a range of tools and reviewed each email individually, reducing bounce rates to 1%.

The Messaging Strategy

After completing the technical side, we moved on to content creation.

While our client had a big name, we still had to think about prospects who had never heard of them. Using a content campaign, we showed how working with our celebrity client could help people generate better PR,  visibility and brand recognition. We created very clear and easy-to-read emails highlighting the value of the offer.

When our content team finished up and the client approved the campaign, we began reaching out to everyone on the list. Amazingly, but we received a positive response the very same day!

Results: 500 sent, 7 meetings with CEOs and founders while keeping our bounce rate at 1%!

The results we got were better than we could have expected!
We have sent emails to 500 people. The delivery rates were at 99% with 1% bounced. The open rates were at 64.4%. 

We received 21 replies in just two weeks. 9 interested, 5 said they were hesitant at the moment and 6 not interested. It was a success,  as we were targeting the top executives, like CEOs and Founders. 7 of 9 people who were interested scheduled a call the same day they got the first email. It all happened within two weeks. 


Our results show one simple truth: email marketing works! It’s all about finding the right channel, at the right time and with the right message!

Our team did a great job choosing the potential prospects and sending them personalized messages. We showed them how our client could help to strengthen their brand and tell their story of success!

With this campaign, we helped our client go from 0 to 7 calls in just two weeks (and that number is still growing). Our messages attracted top executives who responded to us in spite of receiving dozens of emails each day!

With our efforts, we created a campaign that stands out from the crowd and presents the offer in the best possible light. It was a big success for both us and our client.

Brightest Minds

Brightest Minds

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