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Lead Generation Case Study: How We Generated 132 Leads For A Localization Services Company


Our client provides localization solutions, so they approached Brightest Minds to find new possibilities in localizing software, apps, games, and websites. With a lead generation campaign designed to find new markets, they wanted to test their marketing method.


We ran a campaign to find decision-makers who would be interested in our client’s services. We contact qualified leads on behalf of our clients and hand them over to the sales department to close new deals. To achieve this goal, we take the following steps:

  1. Select a client audience;

  2. Establish campaign expectations;

  3. Creating custom message scripts and follow-ups;

Having done preliminary market research, our client provided us with their data and target audience as a basis for our analysis.

Target Audience Research

We needed to experiment with different industries and seniority levels.

Targeted titles included:

– Senior Product Manager
– Content and Localization Specialists
– All Marketing Specialists

In our case, we decided to do email outreach first, so we made sure the verification process went smoothly. It is essential that the people we are contacting have active emails and experience with localization and content management. We reached 97% Deliverability thanks to our internal processes.

The seniority factor was also important. We targeted C-level prospects as well as middle-level people. It’s always good to use this strategy, because you can reach out to more people who can affect the decision-making process.

Message Script Creation

While our team was working on list building, our content team developed the content using the 4 step messaging strategy. 

  1. Message with a compliment revealing the company’s business niche;

  2. The first message after connection addresses the client’s pain points;

  3. The second message provides a solution and benefits for the prospects;

  4. Lastly, a short friendly message inviting them to see the demo.

We always make sure your content is not too long or complicated. You run the risk of losing your prospect’s attention when they see the two-page message. The best way is to make it easy to read.

After the client approved the strategy, we got started!


As soon as we had the Target Audience research, and Message Scripts, we launched the outreach. Often we find that some of these variables need to be adjusted to improve the performance of our campaign. 


Once everything was finalized, we started the outreach. Delivery rates were at  97%! The open rate was 61.4%. There were 132 interested responses + 82 maybe later. Overall, we received 347 responses in 6 months. 


Some projects are easier to manage than others, everything depends on your product, your audience, and your ideal customer. You’ll be able to keep your sales team pretty busy if you get everything right.

Thanks to this campaign, we were able to grow our client’s network with 214 prospects (132 interested responses + 82 maybe later). 

Included, schedule a call any week to make sure the process is setup in the most effective way with me.