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Lead Generation Case Study: How We Generated 185 Leads for a Healthcare Marketplace


Our client, an online contracting marketplace for medical devices, wanted to expand their customer base.

Company leaders got in touch with us to help them reach hospitals, retirement centers and other medical facilities to promote their platform offering all medical devices and supplies at lower rates.


This lead generation campaign was distinctive from others, since our client is well known in their field and performed the preliminary research. We used their experience and knowledge as a starting point.

The main challenge was writing the campaign script, as the client requested campaigns in five languages!

Target audience research

Our target was pretty straight forward:

– Hospitals;
– Retirement centres;
– Dental clinics.

Targeted titles included:

– General Directors/Managers; 
– Procurement department; 
– CEOs, CFOs and COOc.

Once all the details were clarified, we started researching medical facilities in the EU. This was one of the most crucial parts. 

It’s important to reach the right people and make sure the email addresses are valid, as that affects deliverability.

Seniority is another important detail. We targeted C-level professionals, as well as mid level professionals. This kind of targeting helps you get more leads. 

Message script creation

As we compiled the first list, our team started developing the 4-step messaging strategy. It included the following:

♦  Message that compliments the work of the target company;
♦  First message, discussing the prospect’s pain points and what our client can do about it;
♦  Second message explaining how client’s product can help prospects grow their business;
♦  And finally, a friendly message asking if they can see the demo.

This is our usual approach, as we always make a positive and informative script that appealing to our audience. Just this time, we had to do it in 5 different languages!

– English
– French
– Italian
– Spanish
– German

This is how we divided the outreach by Language:

Luckily, each member of our team speaks at least 3 different languages, so we were able to translate the campaign for our client. That helped us to get great results!


As soon as we had the Target Audience research, and Message Scripts translated into 5 languages, we launched the outreach.

We often send over 50 messages a day, but the client specifically asked that we limit it to 30-40 per day.

This gave us a chance to make our messages even more personalized. 


The results we got for the client were amazing: 

During the 8 month of our collaboration we reached out to 2985 professionals.

We received 185 “Interested” and 156 “Maybe later” replies. The delivery rate for this campaign was 97.7%, the open rate was 63.5%, and the response rate was 18%.

“This campaign was so successful that our client asked us to pause the sending multiple times as they could not cope with the incoming interested messages from Hospital executives.”


This campaign is a perfect example of how important it is to know your target audience and reach the prospects with the appropriate message and in the right language!

As a result of this campaign, our client was able to:

  • Grow their network by an average of 10 prospects per week; 
  • Reached 2985 medical professionals across EU;

The case illustrates how mutual work, creativity, and innovative ideas deliver amazing results and true success to our clients!

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