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Hire Supercharged Lead Generation Team

Keeping your Sales Team busy closing deals.

Our b2b lead generation agency generates warm leads and your team closes the deals

Limits exeeded
No data
API errors
No data
Limits exeeded
Low open rates
Outdated contacts
Missing followups
Manually prospecting, filtering, trying tool

Instead of manually prospecting, filtering, trying tools...

How to Brightest Minds target your ideal buyer at scale and with laser precision

...let Brightest Minds target your ideal buyer at scale and with laser precision

How it works

Automate lead generation

Onboarding form
Expert team
Strategy selection
The necessary data
Email campaign
Discovery stage
Having the right products, data and experience is an absolute necessity to design the most personal and highly targeted campaign.
Firstly, you Submit an onboarding form and our expert team will research your market, collect the necessary data points for designing an effective outbound email campaign.

Once the data is collected, we introduce you to your dedicated Sales prospector that we see as the best fit to run this strategy and make sure we have a good start with every campaign.
The right target profiles
Conversion rate
Success rates other campaigns
Marketing team
Data of target companies
Startegy design
The right opening line to the right target profiles can multiply your conversion rate greatly.

Our marketing team, along with your dedicated sales prospector will design a highly personalised Email/LinkedIn strategy based on actionable data of target companies, and also based on success rates across 100+ other campaigns.
Dedicated Sales Prospector
Controlled by the team
Competitive environment
Search the most effective data and tools
Successful campaign
Outbound campaign
The Email/LinkedIn campaign will be launched by your Dedicated Sales Prospector and monitored by us.
This is a competitive environment.

We are always on the lookout for the most effective data and tools, so your campaign remains successful.
Good replies
Show up to the meetings
Care of the rest
Integrate with CRMs
Convenient time
Sales appointments
Take over good replies immediately, or just show up to the meetings, and we will take care of the rest.

The replies can be integrated with your CRMs. We can also set up meeting invites, or request clients to select a convenient time for a meeting.

Gain flexibility and cost savings in large teams


Meet Anna,
Anna likes executing the effective strategies designed by our team. Once the most actionable companies are identified, Anna finds the most up-to-date contacts, making sure that everyone is contacted in a personalised way, so that sales executives can get busy with replies.

Sales prospector

Meet Diana,
Diana also finds the most relevant contacts based on our smart data sources and replies to every information requests. She also schedules calls so that you can focus on selling, rather than spending your time on email replies, calendars, followups and reminders.


Meet Julia,
Julia is not only about finding the right contacts, but also looking after the replies. She can always work with all targeted contacts and introduce only warm leads to your sales executive. Just like it should be, at the best b2b lead generation agency.

We combine

Human intelligence + Intent Driven Insights
for superior lead generation

Detailed report
Machine learning
Best solution

Accurate and continous lead generation is impossible without the human touch. Our Sales Prospectors, Sales Growth Managers, Data Analysts, Lead Generators, and Researchers are KPI driven. We are discovering new ways to improve performance every day, adjusting our strategies to maximize the conversion.

Enterprise-caliber data

The biggest barrier to lead generation success is reliable data. We are obsessed with data, we spend tens of thousands a year on various data points and APIs.

(SDR + DATA + ML) * BM KPIs = Sales growth

Whether it is a function of marketing, sales, or demand generation, outbound gets a whole lot smarter with Brightest Minds

We can target by:

  • - Groups, Interests, Sub Industries
  • - Company growth metrics
  • - Staff count at specific departments
  • - Number of retail locations
  • - Mobile App revenue
  • - Specific technology usage
  • - Construction permissions
  • - and by 99+ more data points

Trusted by 320+ global companies and growing startups:

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