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LinkedIn Lead Generation Service: Continuous Results from the Best Experts

To get the most results, generate leads online, and minimize risks, you need the best, most modern strategies. Only a team of business specialists that know everything about leads accumulating, social media, marketing, and online sales can provide companies with such results.

BrightestMinds is a b2b leads gen team of 50+ people. And they are always eager to learn more and use their skills to the maximum for your benefit.
If you’re looking for a way to generate more sales, these guys and gals are definitely what you need.They will help you improve online sales using LinkedIn and other platforms.

LinkedIn Lead Generation Agency: Cost-Effective Way to Get Leads

Marketing usually requires a lot of investment. You need ads, target audience, and a team that knows how to represent your company to the right people. An ideal outcome is you finding a lot of people genuinely interested in the products and services of the company. A lot of them will become regular buyers and the potential of what you develop will be fulfilled by being useful for those buyers.
Brightest Minds will become your best investment. You pay for a verified strategy, minimal risks, high-quality tech, and people that are constantly learning and improving. Such a combination will make any service cost-effective.

Since being founded in 2017 as a side project, the company has already created millions of dollars in sales opportunities for their clients. That is:

  • Over 500,000 unique leads;
  • Over 20,000 sales prospects;
  • Over 1,500,000 outbound emails sent;
  • Over $10,000,000 in potential sales.

A LinkedIn lead generation service with such numbers will definitely find a way to generate leads for you that will buy, increase sales, and eliminate every loan.

Lead Generation Using Linkedin: Experts and Sophisticated Tech

Every industry implements some degree of automation in their services. Marketing isn’t an exception as there are so many digital tools you can use now for analysis, calculating risks, etc. However, lead generation is impossible without the human touch.
Only a human can plant a seed of interest in a potential buyer’s head successfully and wisely. That’s why BrightestMinds is a semi-automatic company. It combines the best technology, tools, and strategies with talented, KPI-driven SDRs, data analysts, and other specialists crucial for the field.

Marketo and other powerful tools complete the automated part, but every response to a client or a lead is written and sent by a real human. Every employee has sophisticated communication skills which can go a long way when talking about getting leads for a customer.
Having human interaction as a part of working with a LinkedIn lead generation agency helps get the job done much faster. While technology opens a lot of new doors to bigger opportunities, there has to be a human hand behind it. And Brightest Minds has 20+ sets of such helping hands.

The Brightest Minds University is an educational program for skill development. Every member of the team is encouraged to improve their skills and knowledge. And every employee takes the opportunity because the company only hired people who want to learn, no matter if it’s in the office or from the comfort of their home.

Get Leads from Linkedin: Our Company’s View of Success

The best answer to the question “How to get leads for my company via LinkedIn?” is by hiring a talented team. You’ll need Sales Prospectors, Data Analysts, Sales Growth Managers, Data Analysts, Researchers, and Lead Generators that are flexible and can adjust any strategy to make sure you get results through it.
To get a proof of the Brightest Minds team efficiency, you can go to their website and see some of the businesses they’ve helped with LinkedIn lead generation. On the list, there are hundreds of companies, both global giants and promising startups:

  • Currencyfair;
  • IBM;
  • Freshworks;
  • My Learning HUB, etc.

With such a range, there’s no doubt that Brightest Minds specialists will become your favorite LinkedIn lead generation service using the freshest strategies to create opportunities.
This LinkedIn lead generation agency targets by:

  • Company growth data;
  • Staff count;
  • Mobile app revenue if any;
  • Market, sub-industries;
  • Community interests, etc.;

Overall, there are more than 99 types of data they can gather to make sure you get a group of leads per every effort your business makes. In a month, you’ll get 300 to 3000 b2b leads for 130 of work by a mentored specialist!

Salesforce is crucial for your business success, and a white-label service with rich knowledge of lead generation through LinkedIn can become a great addition to your team. The agency with over 30 years of collective experience, Brightest Minds, will change the way you see a marketing campaign and will get you messages from LinkedIn leads in the shortest time.

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