Competera helps e-tailers take the right pricing and product assortment decisions by providing a set of pricing and inventory products for retailers to drive sales, margin and business results. They collect millions of product data points in real time from any chosen website and visualize them to help businesses make immediate, profitable decisions and set optimal prices.


Competera's amazing data collection and analysis technology has wide-ranging implications for savvy online retailers but it also requires a very specific target audience which can sometimes prove hard to find.

Seeking Category and Pricing Managers in online retailers that sell enough volumes to make the analysis and pricing software worthwhile, the team at Competera tried many innovative approaches to find these sales leads but cost and scale continued to be a factor.

With their high growth ambitions, they needed a much higher number of appropriate customer leads to fill their sales pipeline.


After talking in depth with the data-driven people at Competera, the Brightest Minds team set to work on analysis of their own.

Combining various public and private databases, the team quickly uncovered a large number of high quality potential leads and then set about applying the right strategies and tactics to engage these leads.

A well-planned email outreach campaign was developed to address the needs and concerns of the Category and Pricing Managers in such a way that would encourage them to take action. The campaign used a series of carefully-written messages to maximize the results.

From there, the campaign was constantly monitored with new online retail leads added daily.



Through Brightest Minds' clever combination of data mining sources and thoughtful email outreach that attracted the attention of the target audience, the company managed to closed a large sale in the first month with 10 more in the pipeline, all of which led to significant revenue growth.

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The clever strategies and the hard work put in by the Brightest Minds team meant that we got excellent sales results for our SaaS products right away.
Alexandr Galkin CEO & Co-Founder, Competera