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B2B SaaS Lead Generation Ideas

What are the top B2B SaaS Lead Generation Ideas for 2021?

“We have to start focusing on lead generation.”

How many times has this sentence come up in your meetings lately? 10 times? 20 times? 100 times?

From CEO to CMO, everyone wants to ‘generate more leads’.

Everyone wants to get x number of leads in their marketing plan. Particularly when cold-calling and scrapping email lists are a thing of the past, and when businesses think that marketing has been ‘decapitated’ by GDPR…

Thank you GDPR! Finally an opportunity to do real marketing. It’s time to seize that opportunity.

Sadly, it’s mostly an impossible dream to imagine you have enough money and time. Plus, you and your CEO want results now.

That’s why this article couldn’t be more timely if you’re a SaaS startup looking for ways to start generating leads in 2021 but don’t know where to start.

Several of these ideas have generated more than 30,000 leads for our customers across a variety of B2B industries.

So let’s dive in!

B2B SaaS Lead Generation Ideas For SaaS Companies

Lead generation defined:

A lead is someone who has shown interest in your company’s products or services. People may indicate interest by downloading your e-book, subscribing to your newsletter or attending events.

What is B2B SaaS lead generation all about? 

When he said, “software’s eating the world” in 2011, Marc Andreessen wasn’t kidding. And that was seven years ago. SaaS companies are gaining and will continue to gain large parts of the economy.

Technology has driven this change. Software development is easier and cheaper than ever. Thanks to the internet. This means more competition. The lowering of entry barriers and access to more customers has put software companies under a lot of pressure to perform, and quickly! 

Because of increased competition in the market, get profitable by getting more customers to adopt your solutions as fast as possible. You don’t have time for long trial-and-error approaches – the tech market moves too fast. 

Thus, knowing how to generate leads is critically important to SaaS business success. 

Define your SaaS Product Buyer Persona

Who uses your product?

Before starting any marketing campaign, it is crucial to create a profile of who your customer really is. This will help you figure out how to approach prospects. Your message to a Human Resources Director will differ from the Brand Manager of a company.

Don’t just think that defining your demographics is enough. Consider this person’s lifestyle, how they spend their time, and how they decide. We must define the buyer person along with the company it represents and how it operates, as well as the main pain points that it needs to solve.

Once you know who your customers are and what they represent, you can start building a strategy to get them to become real customers.

B2B Saas Lead Generation – Expertise

There are definite differences between the B2B and B2C sales methods. A good business lead generation technique allows you to establish a communication pipeline through which you guarantee the steady growth of your client’s business. This is crucial!

Brightest Minds has found that combining inbound and outbound lead generation is the most effective way to connect with prospects. Outbound lead generation certainly has the edge to establish credibility, while inbound lead generation can provide leads with the information they’re looking for and provide them with relevant information. Together, inbound and outbound will produce a steady stream of high-quality leads. 

We handle everything top-of-the-funnel for our clients, from building targeted B2B sales leads lists to set B2B appointments with qualified prospects.

Brightest Minds is the home of some of the best and most knowledgeable B2B sales development experts, market experts, and copywriters.

Our team at Brightest Minds considers outsourcing B2B lead generation to be more than just a job. It is a way of life. These two factors help produce some of the best work in the industry today. 

Brightest Minds has been praised by customers all around the world for its outstanding services, and Brightest Minds always strives for success. 

What’s a good B2B Saas Lead Generation Strategy?

SaaS lead generation starts with research but needs to go much further. Our agency uses industry-leading research techniques, data enrichment, and B2B lead generation services to help you find and acquire your ideal customers. 

Brightest Minds gives you a steady supply of reliable leads to boost sales. The leads here are both sourced and curated with your ideal customer profile (ICP) in mind. 

Lead generation isn’t just left to automated bots or scripts. The perfect customer profile is created by analyzing, verifying, and manually processing each and every lead, sourced and vetted by a qualified research leader. 

Brightest Minds matches clients according to your business’s needs. The number one goal is to connect your team with new people who understand and meet your ideal client profile (ICP). 

Through the human-centric approach, Brightest Minds can deliver personalized and data-driven results to your sales development specialists. This is how we get you the best conversion rates and lowest cost per sale in the business. 

The research team is 100% committed to lead generation and database enrichment. Moreover, our team helps you figure out the number of leads you need for your particular level of growth. 

Outbound Lead Generation

Outbound marketing is effective if done right, and you can see the results of your efforts immediately rather than have to wait weeks, months, or years. 

And it’s very simple. You make the offer. People decide to buy or not.

You get an instant response from the market and can adjust the product accordingly.

Getting traffic organically can be a lot more time-consuming than buying it with outbound marketing.

Outbound marketing has a downside: the prospect didn’t expect to hear from you, so your offer should apply to the person you’re talking to.

Brightest Minds’ team of experts can craft a messaging campaign that resonates with your target audience.

Cold Email for B2B SaaS Lead Generation

A cold email address is an unsolicited message sent to someone you haven’t emailed before.

In the early days of a SaaS startup, emailing potential customers can be one of the best b2b marketing strategies.

Justin McGill, the founder of LeadFuze, used cold emails to reach $30,000 corporate CEO’s in the first year.

Here is the exact process:

  1. Find and contact a target customer.
  2. Design a contact plan that is personalized (not the classic marketing message).
  3. Follow up.

McGill used his own software to look up email addresses, which made it easier, but you could do it without it, it just takes some research.

Note: In case you lack the expertise and tools to fully leverage cold email marketing, Brightest Minds has a dedicated team of email marketing experts, copywriters, and deliverability experts who will help connect you with your perfect customers in hundreds of countries across the world. 

So, how did Justin design this original email? He applied the QVC formula:

Question. Start with a question related to your business.

Value proposal. Instead of talking about how awesome your product/service is and everything you have to offer, get your key point across and let them know what makes you unique.

It ends with a Call to Action. Ask if they can talk soon OR ask a question they could easily respond to.

Cold emails are the best way to get your first customers because you’re direct with them – and showing them what you have to offer.

Just don’t get discouraged if you don’t get a response. Cold emails require experience, skills, and deliverability, which takes time for startups to develop. If you need help with this, contact Brightest Minds about getting set up with a cold outreach campaign.

B2b Saas Lead Generation Strategy: Specialized Appointment Setting

Setting and keeping appointments are vital for a booming business. Brightest Minds’ sales development consultants are experts at utilizing outbound sales development methods that enable them to create highly effective appointment setting campaigns for our clients. 

We’ve achieved continuous success in business by constantly testing and analyzing the data and results of hundreds of B2B campaigns. Our expert team adjusts campaigns accordingly to meet the needs of your business. 

Brightest Minds comprises professionals who have extensive experience in managing leads and setting appointments. Your business can then focus on what’s important: closing deals. Our experts will set you up with real sales leads who will be ready to speak to you immediately. 

With this specialized process, you can communicate better with your customer and stay ahead of the competition.

Saas Lead Generation B2B: Personalized Email Services

Understand that email will never die.

Here’s something to discuss at your next B2B or SaaS marketing event: Are email subscribers leads?

Marketers who focus on quality leads will probably say no: Subscribers aren’t leads. Yet an individual subscriber who starts acting a certain way may go from subscriber to lead.

Subscribers who behave like leads can be tagged or flagged with a good lead scoring system. It can also let you know when a cold lead becomes a hot lead, and when a hot lead needs to talk to someone from Sales.

Lead scoring and management involve lead nurturing. Once you have an email subscriber, you build a relationship. You might convert some of your new subscribers into leads with a good welcome email.

Other things that could convert subscribers into leads are:

Sending them more relevant emails by tagging subscribers based on what links they click on in your emails. Data shows, subscribers will engage with your emails more often as they become more relevant. The more they interact, the more likely they are to exhibit lead-like behaviors.

Get in touch with them by sending notifications about webinars, research, and anything else they may find valuable (like, say, case studies…) that could make them more likely to be interested in your products/services.

Ask them questions about who they are. That’s called “progressive profiling,” and if you’ve heard of it, you are not alone. But like you’ve heard, the more you know about your email subscribers, the better. 

If you can identify some of your subscribers with some additional info (like their company, zip code, etc.) Then you can market to them directly.

You’ll never know which anonymous, low-activity subscriber is the CEO of your dream account.

Therefore, email subscriptions can be converted into sales leads, so email list building is a worthwhile lead-generation activity. 

You know how to do this: Gate a lot of your high-value content. Add an opt-in box to your blog and your website footer. Send amazing email updates/newsletters. 

Promote your best newsletters and emails on social media, content you’re producing, and even at events. It all adds up.

The Role of Email in B2B SaaS Marketing

We know that reliable email services have a critical part to play in the day-to-day operations of successful businesses. Because of this, the staff is made up of only the brightest professionals in email deliverability technology. 

Despite their backgrounds in all the areas of email, these tech gurus have proven strengths in the email space. They are not only highly knowledgeable, but they also have a team that handles email deliverability which will optimize communication by making sure that your emails always make it to the right place.

Brightest Minds will work hand-in-hand with you so you get the sales info you really care about. Research is done by a dedicated team that will not waste any time when trying to find information. 

With over 20 reliable tools and over 100 niche-specific sources, researchers can deliver leads in distinct data points. Getting in touch with potential clients via email is among the most effective ways to generate new business. 

It’s one of the oldest and most reliable sources for sales leads. It’s crucial to ensure that you and your company are getting the most from your email marketing campaigns. In the fast-paced world of technology, Brightest Minds has email communication specialists that will keep your company relevant in email communication. 

B2B SaaS Lead Generation Ideas – Specialized Research

First, your Brightest Minds team will research your business and your clients. They are interested in the demographics of your client, and how it can be most effectively used to gather their attention. Two executives will be dedicated to your account and make sure you’re talking to the right people. 

They’ll find out what interests your audience most. The brightest Minds researchers can find which topics generate the most interest for your potential clients. You don’t have to guess on research. 

B2B SaaS Lead Generation – Engaging Outreach

Brightest Minds is known for creating outreach campaigns that produce results specifically for your B2B SaaS enterprise on LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn has 530 million users (DMR Business Statistics, 2018) and is the most popular business network in the world.

Because of its popularity with business leaders, we can consider LinkedIn the best professional platform for growing personal influence, building a repeat business network, and attracting ideal clients (Sammons, 2015).

Knowing how to leverage LinkedIn’s network of senior decision-makers is the key to successful B2B marketing. Sending the right message to the right people at the right time is how you build strong relationships. 

Brightest minds have a tailored outreach strategy that takes advantage of LinkedIn’s huge B2B potential for networking and generating new business.

Instead of making all kinds of mistakes on LinkedIn, let Brightest Minds handle the heavy lifting for you. You’ll reach the biggest audience and get more sales appointments.  

Personalize your messaging

Personalizing your messaging is the best way to generate high-quality leads. It’s also the biggest trend and best practice in B2B right now.

Why? Personalization just works. 

Even if you can’t personalize exactly at the user level, you can still create a few personas. SaaS providers shouldn’t have any problem with this since they’re designed for different user profiles. Just pass those user profiles from coding and product development over to marketing.

Using personas is one of the major differences between strategic and not-so-strategic content marketers. 61% of marketers who manage content strategically say they use personas, compared to only 32% of technology content marketers who don’t manage content strategically.

Even though personas help marketers deliver better content that converts more leads, they don’t always agree on which personas to prioritize. 71% of technologists cite it as a challenge to prioritize marketing efforts based on audience.

Brightest Minds is focused on developing buyer personas for SaaS companies across industries. With our specialized knowledge, tools, and experience, you can fast forward the learning curve of what segment to target. 

SaaS Lead Generation For Guaranteed Engagement

The team’s dedication doesn’t stop there. They then follow up with each user who engages with your published content. Anyone who comments on the content will receive a personal reply which makes it easier to generate leads. Prospective clients appreciate the personalized touch of this strategy and find it easier to respond.

SaaS Lead Generation B2B Customer Service

With a full team of customer service professionals and dedicated account managers, Brightest Minds is able to provide the highest level of customer service. 

We hold regularly campaign strategy calls to determine the best targeting, outreach management, and messaging to use for your product or service.


If you want your SaaS startup costs of B2B lead generation to below, you’ll want to make sure your listed lead generation partners are good at outbound lead generation. 

By partnering with experts and specialized providers, you’ll be able to significantly reduce the costs and time involved in B2B marketing.

Lead generation campaigns with guaranteed volume can be very effective, especially in the absence of trade shows and events. Brightest Minds is one of the leading specialists in the market.

Brightest Minds has the teams, tools, and expertise to send pre-qualified leads directly to your inbox. Simply request our services. 

Our company’s experts have a lot of expertise in generating leads in your industry and a wide range of tools to devise a targeted strategy for you. 

Lead generation is important if you want to grow your business. If you’re a forward-thinking leader, you’ll use the best strategies and tools to accomplish your goals.

What do you think? Do you have other ideas on how to increase lead generation?

Let us know your best lead generation method in the comments. 

Happy lead getting!

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