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Lead Generation Case Study: How We Generated 289 Interested Leads In 6 Months for a SAAS Contact Center


Our client, a cloud contact center platform, wanted to test email outreach versus LinkedIn outreach to see which one achieved better results. However, their domain deliverability was problematic.


The client’s domain had been hampered by a below 45% deliverability rate. Meaning that 55.4% of emails that they had sent out had ended up in the spam folder.

We had to tackle this issue first since good deliverability is crucial for successful outreach. Even if you have the best subject line, most personalized message, and an incredible product, what’s the point if no one sees your message?

The deliverability team was able to raise the deliverability to 75.4% after 4 weeks and to 98.4% after the second month.

1. Target audience research

We needed to experiment with different industries and seniority levels.

Targeted titles included:

  • Heads of customer service, 
  • General directors 
  • And directors of communication in parts of the EMEA region

Since we decided to start the Linkedin campaign before the email campaign, verification was easier. We had to ensure that the people we were contacting were active users and experts in customer service. 

Seniority was another important metric. We only targeted C-level prospects with executive profiles, while middle-level people were targeted with middle-level profiles. Through peer-to-peer communication, we could provide our clients with the best results.

2. Message script creation

Once deliverability issues were resolved, a 4 step messaging strategy was designed. 

  1. A positive message with a compliment about what the company does
  2. First message after connection with information about our client’s solution
  3. The second message explained how the client’s product will help their business grow 
  4. Lastly, a short friendly message asking if they can see the demo

Note that if you make your messages too complex or too long, you risk losing your prospect’s attention the moment they see the two-page message you wrote. It’s best to keep it short and simple. After the client approved the strategy, we got started!

3. Outreach

As soon as we had the Target Audience research, and Message Scripts, we launched the outreach. Typically we’ve found that some of these variables need to be adjusted during a campaign. So we started with one Linkedin profile and grew the outreach steadily.


The results we got for the client were better than expected: 

In the first month of LinkedIn outreach, we send connection invites to 700 people. The average acceptance rate was 33%. Out of 180 responses, 33 were interested in connecting, and 68 indicated they might be interested sometime later. 

Once the deliverability issue was resolved, we sent emails to 1100 people.  90.4% of the campaign was delivered. The open rate was 31%. There were 149 responses (54 interested + 32 “maybe later”). Overall, we received 289 interested responses in 6 months.  


In only 6 months we were able to:

  1. Improve the health of our client’s domain – crucial to successful outreach. 
  2. Identify the right target audience. 
  3. Create an effective content strategy

These factors combined were able to boost our lead count and allow our clients to start valuable conversations with their ideal prospects.

This campaign enabled our client to:

  • Grow their network by an average of 12 prospects per week; 
  • Fix the deliverability on their domain;
  • Reach 1100 prospects;
  • Schedule 59 booked demo calls.

This case study illustrates how our different departments work together to ensure success for our clients!

Brightest Minds

Brightest Minds

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