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The Personalized Campaign Guide CX Used to Generate $681,000


Our team helped Guide CX with their lead generation campaign, an onboarding and project management platform that makes it easy to invite, guide, and engage teams. 

The platform’s automation features improve efficiency when working with customers.

To start, though, they had trouble generating leads – that’s when we intervened to help.


Initially, there weren’t enough leads in their sales funnel because of bad deliverability, lack of personalization, and generic CTA copy.

We had to come up with a way to improve their email deliverability and create more targeted content that would speak to their audience on a personal level.

What We Did

After we intervened, we devised a strategy to drive leads into their sales funnel, significantly increasing deliverability rates.

Our work helped Guide CX focus on its unique value proposition and key selling points to create more targeted content.

In addition, we assisted in developing an effective lead nurturing campaign that substantially increased leads. 

In summary, the strategy managed to attain the client higher open rates, higher deliverability, and reply rates through:

Healing their domains;

♦ Using subject lines that performed better than the others;

♦ Relevant targeting;

♦ Personalized campaigns.

Our primary concern is wanting to produce actual results for Guide CX that helped them close more business.


The client was able to increase their sales significantly, thanks to the improved deliverability of their campaigns.

Besides the $681K generated in ARR, An ongoing revenue stream over time occurred, and in the following months, GuideCX stated, it secured $10 million in financing led by Sorenson Ventures. 

In total, since they have been working with us, they have received over $40.1 Million in funding. Our client got better results than they had anticipated.

GuideCX will be able further to define the current onboarding category with these investments.

In this video, Todd White (Co-founder and VP of Sales at Guide CX) explains briefly how Brightest Minds helped them generate revenue.

Additionally, here are Results from a campaign with Guide CX in 2021, detailing:

Our team contacted over 5500 prospects;

385 total responses – that’s a response rate of 7%;

Out of these, we had 94 interested.


This campaign helped our client:

♦ Improve ROI by 4X (in 4 months);

♦ $681,000 in Annual Recurring revenue for 3 years;

♦ Get over 100 closed deals;

♦ Generating more than 900 leads;

♦ Scaling up from 1 to 4 SDRs;

♦ It began with 10 people- Guide CX has grown to over 100 people.

This case study shows how our client, Guide CX, increased its lead count through strategic personalization.

As a result, they could get significant investments into their firm thanks to the recurring revenue.

Consider implementing a personalized campaign if you are experiencing similar issues with low lead counts.

Please contact us if you want to learn more about how we can help you increase deliverability. We would be happy to chat with you about your specific needs and see how we can help. 

John B. Martyn

John B. Martyn

Over the last half-decade, John B. Martyn has worked with SaaS-based products. Along with his Customer Support and Copywriting skills, he also writes and edits Lead Generation content for Brightest Minds.

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