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Lead Generation Case Study: How We Generated 289 Interested Leads and Helped to Close $1 000,000 Deal for Commercial Real Estate


Our client, a Commercial Real Estate Company, specializes in real estate development and financing. Company leaders turned to us to find new markets, since their own marketing efforts didn’t work.


Our client’s lead generation campaign targeted decision-makers who were interested in their services.  

Here, at Brightest Minds Company, we pay attention to every detail. We always make sure to consider all issues before launching a campaign. Our technical check revealed an overall deliverability rate of 42.9%.

It’s important your lists are clean and up to date, and your emails are engaging and relevant. You’ll get better results if you do that.

Solution and target audience research

Initially, we focused on the deliverability rate. Having a professional team helps us deal with any problem, no matter how big or small it is. Tech engineers were able to increase deliverability to 98-99% in less than two months. Almost all of our emails reached recipients, and we had better chances of success here.

Next, we experimented with industries and seniority levels. The following titles were targeted: CEOs, CFOs, General Partners, Asset Managers, company owners, as well as Heads of Finance and Investment departments.

We also used “Drip campaign” tactics to get more conversions and sales. This marketing technique is often overlooked by B2B companies. Basically, it entails sending targeted emails over a period of time, allowing you to nurture leads and build relationships that eventually lead to sales.

To tell you the truth, 30% of our success was thanks to the drip campaign because we targeted leads who never responded.

Message Script Creation

Content is a crucial part of a marketing campaign. Personalized messages that address the prospects’ pain points make your campaign shine bright like a diamond.

We won’t get results if we take a one-size-fits-all approach. Investigating, researching, and thinking like your prospects help you craft messages that get “interested” reactions and drive sales.


As soon as we had the Target Audience research, and Message Scripts, we launched the outreach. Typically we’ve found that some of these variables need to be adjusted during a campaign. So we started with one Linkedin profile and grew the outreach steadily.


We got only 4 email leads and 2 LinkedIn responses during the 1st month. Within a month of solving the deliverability issue, we had six “Interested” responses and four Linkedin replies. 

Currently, we get approximately 12 “Interested” from email campaigns and 8 from LinkedIn each month. During 11 months we got 289 interested (157 email + 132 Linkedin) and 82 booked calls.

Our great accomplishment was helping this client close the deal, bringing $1 m green. Pretty good, huh?

The initial goal was to find new markets. In the 11 months of our collaboration, we reached almost 14000 contacts via email and 7700 via LinkedIn.


In only 11 months we were able to:

  1. ♦ Increase the deliverability rate  from 42.9% to 99% – important for the outreach success. 
  2. ♦ Identify the right target audience. 
  3. ♦ Create an effective content strategy.

Our combination of these factors helped us increase our lead count and let our clients start valuable conversations with their ideal prospects.

This campaign enabled our client to:

  • Growing their network by 12 prospects per week from email campaigns and 8 prospects per week from LinkedIn campaigns; 

    Fix the deliverability on their domain;

  • Reach 14000 prospects with email and 7000 using LinkedIn;

  • Schedule 82 booked demo calls;

  • Help to close $1000,000 deal.

In this case study, we find that mutual work, brave experiments, and the desire to try something new result in not just new prospects, but also million-dollar deals.

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